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Transfer of historic railway equipment

On the east side of the Zaragoza-Delicias Station there is a warehouse with 39 rail vehicles of all types, from steam locomotives to different car restaurant, bed and passenger cars.

The warehouse and railway equipment are completely isolated from any rail network in width 1,668 mm, so at present it is impossible to move the material referred to by a railway connection.

The urban development in the environment of the Zaragoza-Delicias Station requires the demolition of the existing warehouse on the east side of the station.

As already mentioned, these warehouses currently house 39 historic railway vehicles to be transferred prior to the demolition of the warehouses.

Compliance with the purposes of the Society Zaragoza High Speed 2002 situation and the inadequate situation for the proper care and restoration of the material, encourage the transfer of said rail vehicle to a new location in the railway station of Casetas (Zaragoza).

Project urbanization G44 / 2 environment Delicias Station

Awarded to the UTE formed by INTECSA-INARSA , INECO E I3 CONSULTORES for a price of € 5,686,250 and writing within 8 months.

We currently have already begun the work of drafting and making contact with the UTE. There have been two meetings of coordination, information sharing and communication of objectives and priorities. It is planned development monitoring committee thereof formed by society and technical services Urbanism, Infrastructure and Digital Mile of the city hall of Zaragoza.

Specific modificationnº 12 General Plan. G-19/1 El Portillo

Urbanization project: area G-19/1, environment El Portillo

Has begun the process of bidding competition with notices published in the Bulletin of the European Union, on December 20th, and the BOE, on December 21th.

The base budget is € 1,280,170, including VAT, and the deadline for the project is 6 months. Deadline for submission of tenders on February 14th and the opening date of February 21th, 2006.